Ignou Bachelor of Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

The Bachelor Degree Programme in SocialWork (BSW) is meant for peoplewho are interested in providing professional
assistance to people in need. Persons with professional training/degree in Social Work generally work in socially
relevant areas such as health care, community development, education, industry, counselling, family, correction,
social defense, women, children, disability etc. With globalization, market economy and liberalization, new concerns
and human problems are emerging which needs to be addressed. This programme will be particularly useful to people
employed at middle and lower levels with NGOs. It will also be useful to fresh candidates whomay like to work in social
and social welfare sectors.

Eligibility: 10+2 or its equivalent or BPP from IGNOU

Medium of Instruction: English & Hindi

Duration: Minimum 3 years and Maximum 6 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs. 16,200/- for full programme to be paid year wise @ Rs.5,400/- per year.

Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits Download
I Year
BSWE 1 Introduction to Social Work (Theory) 8
BSWL 1* Social Work Practicum-1 (Practical) 8
BSHF 101 Foundation Course in Humanities & Social Sciences 8
BEGF101 Foundation Course in English – 1 4
FHD 2 Foundation Course in Hindi – 2 4
Modern Indian Language (MIL) 4
Modern Indian Language (Choose any one)
FEG 2 Foundation Course in English-2 4
FAS 1 Foundation Course in Assamese 4
FBG 1 Foundation Course in Bengali 4
FGT 1 Foundation Course in Gujarati 4
BHDF 101 Foundation Course in Hindi 4
FKD 1 Foundation Course in Kannada 4
FML 1 Foundation Course in Malayalam 4
FMT 1 Foundation Course in Marathi 4
FOR 1 Foundation Course in Oriya 4
FPB 1 Foundation Course in Punjabi 4
FTM 1 Foundation Course in Tamil 4
FTG 1 Foundation Course in Telugu 4
FUD 1 Foundation Course in Urdu 4
II Year
BSWE 2 Social Work Intervention with Individuals and Groups (Theory) 8
BSWL 2* Social Work Practicum-II (Practical) 8
BSWE 4 Introduction to Family Life Education (Theory) 8
FST 1 Foundation Course in Science and Technology 8
III Year
BSWE 3 Social Work Intervention with Communities and
Institutions (Theory)
BSWL 3* Social Work Practicum-III (Practical) 8
BSWE 5 Introduction to HIV/AIDS (Theory) 8
BSWE 6 Substance Abuse and Counselling (Theory) 8
Total Credits 96

* These courses are practical for first, second and third year of BSW respectively. Successful completion of practical’s in first year is a
necessary condition for taking up practical for the second year. Similarly successful completion of practical in second year is a necessary
condition for taking up practical for the third year.

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