Certificate in Energy Technology and Management ignou

Certificate in Energy Technology and Management CETM IGNOU

CETM aims at equipping all its students about various energy resources, energy conversion processes, energy use, energy conservation, energy planning and management.

The broad objectives of the Programme are:
 To give an overview of various energy resources, their availability and energy use pattern
 To give exposure to the environmental effects of energy use
 To give an overview of renewable energy technologies
 To conduct an energy audit and implement energy conservation measures
 To see the importance of Energy, Economy, and Environment interaction
 To know how to make an energy plan
 To know about energy-efficient devices for energy conservation.

IGNOU CETM Eligibility: 10th Pass
The medium of Instruction: English

IGNOU CETM Duration: Minimum 6 Months and Maximum 2 years; offered in January & July cycle of admissions…
IGNOU CETM Fee Structure: Rs. 2,700/- for the full programme.
Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits Download
OEY 1 Energy Resources and Conversion Processes 4
OEY 2 Renewable Energy Technologies and their Uses 6
OEY 3 Energy Management: Audit and Conservation 6
OEYP 4 Energy Projects 4
Total Credits 20

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