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Certificate in Water Harvesting & Management CWHM++

Over the years with a consistent rise in population, urbanisation and industrialisation, increasing demand for agriculture produce, has led to over-exploitation of the limited surface as well as groundwater resource. This has also resulted in sharp decline in the groundwater table. The situation can be effectively reversed through rainwater harvesting which essentially means collection and storage of the rainwater from a rooftop or from surface catchments for future use. Despite various initiatives including legislative measures, very little rainfall is conserved and harvested. This certificate
programme intends to generate mass awareness and disseminate skills through trained human resources, about rainwater harvesting techniques and management for the optimal use of harvested water by all concerned.


The main objectives of the programme are to:

  • Sensitize and educate learners on augmentation & utilization of water resources;
  • Impart necessary skills and expertise to understand water harvesting techniques; and
  • Enable learners to act as trainers and organizers at household and community levels for water management in terms of its usage and also for water conservation.

Eligibility: i) 10th pass
ii) BPP from IGNOU

Medium of Instruction: English & Hindi

Duration: Minimum 6 months and Maximum 2 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs.2,400/- for full programme

Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits Download
ONR 1 Introduction to Water Harvesting 2
ONR 2 Basics of Hydrology 4
ONR 3 Water Harvesting, Conservation and Utilization 6
ONRL 1 Practical Training at Water Harvesting Agency 4
Total Credits 16


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