Ignou Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables

Diploma in Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetables DVAPFV IGNOU

The Diploma programme has been developed with the support of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt. of India. The programme aims to develop competent human resource in the field of post-harvest management of fruits and vegetables and production of value-added products from them. It intends to inculcate vocational and entrepreneurial skills to widen employment opportunities, as well as self-employment particularly among rural youth and the disadvantaged sections of the society. It seeks to address the workforce requirements of the food processing industries and focuses on upgrading the knowledge and skills of existing workers. The programme caters to educational requirements of the horticulture farmers, food processors, skilled workers and technicians in the fruits processing industries, NGO functionaries/trainers, entrepreneurs, the staff of Food Processing Training Centre (FPTC)/ horticulture/ post-harvest/ food processing departments of the States/ Central, rural educators, farmers, etc. Job opportunities for the pass outs of this programme include procurement assistant, fruits/vegetables grader, postharvest technician, junior plant operator/production technician/ supervisor in fruit and vegetable processing industry, quality control assistant, packaging supervisor, fruit and vegetable cold storage supervisor, transport supervisor, retail supervisor, marketing assistant, store assistant, extension assistant, trainer, and self entrepreneur as procurer, trader, transporter, food processor, wholesaler, retailer and exporter of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables produce.
 To provide the knowledge & skills for minimizing the post-harvest losses and production of value-added food
 To develop human resource for post-harvest management and for primary processing of fruits and vegetables produce at the production areas/ clusters,
 To develop youth as young entrepreneurs for self-employment through food processing and associated activities,
 To impart knowledge and technical proficiency in
– Procurement of raw materials,
– Preparation of value-added products,
– Prevention of losses in fresh and processed horticulture produce,
– Marketing and economical aspects, and
– Managing small and medium enterprises.

IGNOU DVAPFV Eligibility: 10+2 or it’s equivalent or BPP from IGNOU
The medium of Instruction: English & Hindi
IGNOU DVAPFV Duration: Minimum 1 year and Maximum 4 years; offered only in July cycle of admissions
IGNOU DVAPFV Fee Structure: Rs. 12,700/- for full programme
Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Theory Credits


Total Download
BPVI 1 Food Fundamentals 2 2 4
BPVI 2 Principles of Post Harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables 2 2 4
BPVI 3 Food Chemistry and Physiology 2 2 4
BPVI 4 Food Processing and Engineering-I 2 2 4
BPVI 5 Food Microbiology 2 2 4
BPVI 6 Food Processing and Engineering-II 2 2 4
BPVI 7 Food Quality Testing and Evaluation 2 2 4
BPVI 8 Entrepreneurship and Marketing 2 2 4
Total Credits 16 16 32


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