How to Preparation step by step IGNOU BCA SYNOPSIS BCSP060

IGNOU BCA SYNOPSIS Preparation – Step By Step Guidance

How to Preparation step by step IGNOU BCA SYNOPSIS BCSP060

Course : BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application

Course Code – BCSP 064 (IGNOU Final Year Project)

Helpful for – IGNOU, SMU. DU, JNU, IPU etc.

What You Learn in this IGNOU BCA Synopsis Tutorial 

  • What is IGNOU BCA Synopsis
  • How to Create IGNOU BCA Synopsis
  • Submission Date & Formalities
  • Tools & Platform
  •  Few Example

BCA Project work divided in two parts:

  1. Synopsis – for BCA Students
  2. Project Report – for BCA Students


So, if you want to write good BCA synopsis for your project then you have to focus on below things:

The project proposal should contain complete details in the following form:

1. Title of the BCA Project

  • You have to choose a suitable title for your proposed project
  • Title should be clear and unique for approval at one go
  • Team NiPSAR provides some unique title for your proposed project.
  • Some Important titles are mention below, if you face any problem related to selecting title then contact us

2. Introduction and Objectives of the Project

  • You Have to write proper introduction part for your proposed BCA Project
  • Objective should be clear and focused

3. Project Category (RDBMS/OOPS/Networking/Multimedia/Artificial Intelligence/Expert Systems etc.)

  • Best category for web based projects are:
  • PHP, MySQL, Apache
  •, C#, Sql Server, IIS
  • Java, MySQL, Apache, Netbeans
  • Java, MS Access, Apache, Netbeans
  • You Can include CSS, JS, HTML with all the platform

4. Analysis

  • DFDs at least up to second level ,
  • ER Diagrams
  • Class Diagrams
  • Database Design etc. as per the project requirements

5. A complete structure which includes:

  • Number of modules and their description to provide an estimation of the student’s effort
    on the project.
  • Data Structures as per the project requirements for all the modules.
  • Process Logic of each module.
  • Testing process to be used.
  • Reports generation ( Mention tentative content of report)

6. Tools / Platform, Hardware and Software Requirement specifications

  • Write down proper Platform of BCA Project
  • Mention suitable Hardware & Software requirement

7. Are you doing this project for any Industry/Client?

  • Mention Yes/No. If Yes, Mention the Name and Address of the Industry or Client

8. Future scope and further enhancement of the project.

  • Mention it properly


1. A person having M.Phil / Ph.D./M.Tech. in Computer Science.
2. A person having B.E/B.Tech (Computer Science), MCA, M.Sc (Computer Science) with minimum 2 years experience in Industry / Teaching.

Key Points at the time of Synopsis Submission

  • Suitable title selection for bca project
  • Make all necessary details about bca project which you want to developed.
  • Actually Synopsis is also known as project proposal, by the help of this you get permission from the university to developed proposed project.
  • Insert necessary diagram, platform, limitation, scope, bibliography in the synopsis.
  • It should be 15 to 20 pages approximately
 Approval of Synopsis
  • After submission of synopsis, it is evaluated by university
  • After evaluation and getting synopsis approval you can prepare project report
Project Report 
  • After approval you can start project report preparation
  • for BCA MCA B.Tech Program it should be 90 to 150 pages and you have to develop any software/ website or any application. In project report source code must be inserted. After submission of project you called for viva. At the viva time must keep project report + CD (Source Code)
IGNOU bca bcsp064 – Synopsis & Project submission date 
Type of Submission    



 Synopsis for bca bcsp064Synopsis bca bcsp064Project bca bcsp064

Project bca bcsp064

1st April to 30th June1st October to 31st December1st January to 31st March

1st July to 30th September


*Check on respective university website for Synopsis & Project submission date

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