Course Code BCSL-043
Title Java Programming Lab
Assignment Number BCA(4)/BCSL-043/Assignment/2019-20
Maximum Marks 50
Last date of Submission 15th October, 2019 (for July 2019 Session)
15th April, 2020 (for January 2020 Session)

This assignment has three questions. Answer all the questions. These questions carry 40 marks. Rest 10 marks are for viva voce. You are advised to give proper comments and do proper alignments while writing java program. Please go through the guidelines regarding the assignments given in the programme guide for the format of presentation. 

Q1. Write a java program to find the factorial of a given number. Define appropriate class and methods in your program. (10) 

Q2.Write a program in java to read the content from a text file and count the number of words in the file. (15) 

Q3.Create an applet which takes a number as input. If the number is between 11-90 and is an even number then display its table otherwise ask for other numbers as input. (15)

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