Course Code : BCSL-057
Course Title: Web Programming Lab
Assignment Number: BCA(5)/057/Assignment/2019-20
Maximum Marks: 50
Weightage: 25%
Last Dates for Submission: 15th October 2019 (For July 2019 Session)
: 15th April 2020 (For January 2020 Session)

This assignment has one question of 40 marks. The rest 10 marks are for viva voce. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the program guide for the format of the presentation.

(a) Create four pages for the website viz Home, Account Balance, Transactions and Feedback; all the four pages should have the same Main, Options and Cpyrt division but different Data division. The Options Division should provide links to the Home page as well as all the other three pages. All these four options should be available in all the web pages designed by you for this assignment. Thus, this Option division may be used for navigating among the four web pages. The Data Division of every page should be different. The information that should be displayed in the Data Division of each of the pages is described below:

(i) The Home page should display the list of services available through these pages.

(ii) The Account Balance page should display a form for logging into the Database of the Bank.

(iii)The Transactions page should display the transactions of the account for which Balance has been shown.

(iv) The Feedback page should display another form having a text area field for writing the Feedback and a Button to submit the form.

(b) Create an external CSS that gives a different background color to each division. You may choose the format of other elements as per your choice.
(c) Create a JavaScript program that generates an error message if the Username field is left blank in the form for Account Balance page; or if the length of the entered password in the password field is less than 4 characters. After displaying the error message, the login form should be displayed again.
(d) Implement the following using JSP program, servlets, java classes, database(s), etc. for the pages as described below:

(i) When a user presses Submit button after properly filling Username and password in the form in the Account Balance page, these details are checked in a database and in case such username and password are correct, the account number, account holder name and balance of the account are displayed on the screen. You may also create a cookie, if needed, to remember the account number for the given username and password (assuming each user has only one account).

(ii) On selection of Transactions option, all the transactions made (assume only Deposit and Withdrawal transaction) for the account number, as remembered in part (d)(i) above, are displayed in a tabular format.

(iii) When you press the Submit button of the Feedback Form, the information (account number from the cookie and entered text) should be stored in the database.

(iv) You must design a suitable database structure.
You may make suitable assumptions if needed.

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