The Project of IGNOU DTS (Diploma in tourism studies) or DTS Synopsis is a document that you present to get your project approved. IGNOU Project Proposals contain key information about your project.

DTS (Diploma in tourism studies)

  • Identify the research problems
  • Write about a good research proposal
  • Identify and research design
  • Conduct a scientific investigation in a systematic way
  • Collect and analyze data
  • Learn about using appropriate statistical methods.

The following format can be followed for preparing for the project proposal.

1.Title of Project: A good title should be a quick piece of information for the reader of the key idea(s) of your project. A project title describes the whole scenario in one sentence.

2.Literature Review: A literature review should include current knowledge, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions. Literature reviews are a secondary source for the same. And the title should be unique.

3.Objectives of the Study: This will describe the main purpose of the research. A hypothesis is also provided which is the tentative statement and effect relationship between variables.

4.References/Bibliography: References have to be written in APA format. These should be alphabetically listed in format.



The first page of the report should be indicated the title, name of a candidate, address, enrollment number, and Admission year.

  1. Certificate
  2. Acknowledgment
  3. Table of Contents

An introduction is the first paragraph of a written work done by a learner or researcher.


A literature review scholarly paper, which includes the current knowledge information including substantive findings.


This will consist of the main purpose of the research. 


A statistical analysis report is considered as research methodology.


After that statistical analysis of data, it’s reported in tabular and graphical form. And analyse the report which you submit.

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