MSc (DFSM) may be a multimedia package, It includes print and audio-visual material. This programme has multidisciplinary behaviour in nature. It helps the learners to realize knowledge and Develop critical abilities. The utmost duration of this course is 5 years and therefore the minimum duration is 2 years.

The Demand for providing professional nourishment was first felt in India, approximately1949. Realizing the necessity, a one-year post-graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition (DDPHN) was introduced in many universities. At that point, the diploma alongside a graduate degree (B . Sc. Home-Science) was taken because of the eligibility criteria for the post of dieticians in hospitals. A student with this qualification was considered fully trained and capable to handle the Dietetic Department of any hospital. Subsequently, within the last decade approximately, to satisfy the stress placed by modernization, industrialization and changes within the area of nutritional sciences and dietetics, a Master’s programme in Nutrition and Dietetics was introduced. IGNOU MSCDFSM (MSC in Dietetics and Food Service Management) learners have trouble in their comp

letion of project in time. This happens simply because the scholar has no time to write down their project as they’re working. We provide IGNOU MSCDFSM Project Report and Synopsis to all or any learners who are trying to find it.

OBJECTIVES OF IGNOU MSCDFSM (Masters of Science in Dietetics and Food Service Management) PROJECT REPORT AND SYNOPSIS

The objectives for IGNOU MSCDFSM create a management skills in the students who are gonna professional in this field for this they need to make the project for IGNOU

The framework for IGNOU MSCDFSM PROJECT REPORT and IGNOU MSCDFSM PROJECT SYNOPSIS, the following specific objectives to enable a learner to:

  • Identify the research problems
  • Write about a good research proposal
  • Identify and research design
  • Conduct a scientific investigation in a systematic way
  • Collect and analyze data of MSCDFSM
  • Learn about using appropriate statistical methods.


The learners have to select a particular topic in which they are interested in. Then they consult with the Guide, they have to select a particular topic for their project work.

The project proposal is a basic blueprint of the detailed work to be undertaken by the students.

This format can be followed for the  preparation of project proposal

  • The Title of the Proposed Project
  • Background of the Study
  • Literature Review
  • The rationale of the Study
  • Objectives of the Study
  • The hypothesis of the Study If any
  • Research Methodology: Sample, Tests/Tools, Statistics to be used
  • References/Bibliography



(SAMPLE TOPICS)….( AND IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOME CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION? For Your Project Our Team IGNOUFriend  are happy to help You.)

  1. Showmanship in Gueridon Service.
  2. Crazy Themed Restaurant.
  3. An event in Hotels.
  4. The Hotel and tourist Industry: Growing With Time.
  5. Deconstructed Cuisine. 
  6. Health and Safety Management in Hotels.
  7. Suddhagaya Industry – The New Buzzword in Spiritual Tourism. 
  8. Strategic Management in Hotels.
  9. Brand Management.
  10. Less Hazardous Tea.
  11. Setting up of a Japanese Cuisine Restaurant in Mumbai.
  12. Adventure Tourism Affecting  Tourist Inflow in India.
  13. Tourism and Employment – Gender Differentiation.
  14. Role of ITDC in Promoting Tourism in India.
  15. Food for diabetics.
  16. A Comparative Study of Café Coffee Day and Starbucks.
  17. Cheese Around the World and its Pairing with Wine.
  18. Unorganized Hotels in Lucknow.
  19. Travel Agents.

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