MTM PROJECT is also provided by IGNOU to the learners. The IGNOU MTM 16 PROJECT aims to improve research skills and commonsense provide practical knowledge to the learners.

The IGNOU MTM PROJECT will assist you in developing managing capabilities. Obviously, this will depend on the topic that you choose for your project.


It is a professional program intended to learn about the tourism industry. It is helpful for those individuals who are either utilized or inspired by the vocation in the travel industry. IGNOU MTM PROJECT via Distance Learning Mode is to assist students to learn and develop skills for managing different functional divisions of the tourism sector effectively. This program will help to provide the student with an understanding of the theory and practical knowledge of tourism and travel management.

The framework for IGNOU MTM 16 PROJECT REPORT and IGNOU MTM PROJECT SYNOPSIS, the following specific objectives to enable a learner to:

  • Identify and formulate research problems
  • Write a good research proposal
  • Identify and use appropriate research design
  • Conduct scientific investigation in a systematic way
  • Gather and analyze the data for the  IGNOU MTM 16 PROJECT
  • Learn to use appropriate statistical methods


The students have to pick a specific area in which they are interested in. Then they have to consult with their Guide, they have to choose a specific topic for their project work.

The following format will help you in preparing synopsis mention below:

  • The Title of the Proposed Project
  • Background of the Study
  • Literature Review
  • The rationale of the Study
  • Objectives of the Study
  • The hypothesis of the Study If any
  • Research Methodology: Sample, Tests/Tools, Statistics to be used
  • References/Bibliography



(SAMPLE TOPICS)….( AND IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SOME CUSTOMIZED SOLUTION? For Your Project Our Team IGNOUFriend  are happy to help You.)

  1. Tourist Satisfaction with Pilgrimage Place
  2. A Study about Medical Tourism
  3. A Critical Analysis of Pilgrimage Tourism
  4. Marketing of Tourism Destinations
  5. A Study of Tourist’s Satisfaction towards Tourism Products and Market
  6. An Analytical Study of ITDC: Role, Contribution and Tourist Satisfaction of its Tour Packages
  7. Expectations and Perceptions of Tourists visiting Delhi
  8. A Study of Culture, Arts And Crafts in Madhya Pradesh, India
  9. Role of Travel Agency in Promotion of Indian Tourism: A Case Study of Thomas Cook (India) Limited
  10. A Study of the Pilgrimage Tourism Management Issues and Challenges with Reference to Delhi
  11. To Study the Effect of Internet on the Marketing of Hotels and Tour Operators in city New Delhi
  12. Pilgrimage Tourism Management in Delhi: Challenges and Issues
  13. The Role and Importance of the Internet in the Marketing of Travel Agencies Business
  14. Religious Sites as a Potential Tourism Product for Inbound Tourism
  15. A Study of the Perceptions of Domestic and International Tourists visiting Jammu & Kashmir Using SERVQUAL Model
  16. A Study of Tourism Industry of Jammu with Special Reference to Ecotourism
  17. A Study of the Effectiveness of the Tourism Market in the State Jammu & Kashmir

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