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IGNOU Friend is a team for provides IGNOU project support in Faridabad for those students who live in Faridabad or nearby. IGNOU Friend helps you to take assistance in completing their project report for his or her selected courses. IGNOU projects in Faridabad offer all kinds of projects and assignments at a reasonable price for students.

IGNOU Friend has over 50 plus projects for students. We consistently creating new reports for our products on hand and editing the existing project reports based on feedback provided by students.

IGNOU Friend provided projects in Faridabad as per the format approved by the university and also it should stick to numerous guidelines.

IGNOU Friend direct you through every stage of the module from subject areas selection, synopsis writing, assistance from guide and finally mounting the project report for submission. Here, IGNOU Friend not offering only projects but full support to students. We require students to work with our manuals and develop project report which imbibes learning.

Writing synopsis is not merely an additional work that you might want to do for the successful Completion of your Course. If it is not prepared to the greatest level of satisfaction, losing time spent for performing all the earlier works is always there.

The students pursuing various courses under Indira Gandhi National Open University face the common problem– IGNOU Project Synopsis. They may be devoid of the ideas and the plan to develop flawless synopsis and get observed by the examiner in particular and the onlookers in general. IGNOU Friend, understand the pangs of the students and have exhausted all of our resources to present the study materials that help them get away from woods. We have made available the project report, thesis, dissertations, and synopsis for the students pursuing BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, and various other programs under distance education programs. We make the project report of our students convince others that they have indeed made worthwhile research and that they have put all their knowledge and experience to optimum use in developing it.

Our services are categorized as research consulting and hence we do not guarantee for grades or guaranteed approvals.

IGNOU BCA Project in Faridabad

The Bachelor of Computer Applications programme prepares the students to take up positions as Programmers, Systems Analysts, Systems Designers in the field related to computer science and information technology.

BCA Project work divided in two parts:

A. Synopsis – for BCA Students

Synopsis Preparation & approval is very important work for completing the program. It is a final year project work which is performed in 6th semester or started in 5th semester after submission of 6th semester fee. So, before starting the project work you have to submit a synopsis on a suitable topic for BCA Project. After submission BCA synopsis, it analyzed by the IGNOU university project team/ approval team of your respective university.

B. Project Report – for BCA Students

After approval, you can start project report preparation. For BCA program it should be 90 to 150 pages and you have to develop any software/ website or any application. In project report source code must be inserted. After submission of project, you called for viva. At the viva time must keep project report + CD.

IGNOU MCA Project in Faridabad

The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) programme prepares the students to take up positions as Systems Analysts, Systems Designers, Software Engineers, Programmers and Project Managers in any field related to information technology. We had therefore imparted you the comprehensive knowledge covering the skills and core areas of computer science courses with equal emphasis on the theory and practical’s. The MCA students are encouraged to spend at least six man-months working on a project preferably in a software industry or any research organization. IGNOU Friend provides the best IGNOU project support in Faridabad for MCA student. 

The objective of the MCA project work is to develop quality software solution. During the development of the project, you should involve in all the stages of the software development life cycle like requirements engineering, systems analysis, systems design, software development, testing strategies and documentation with an overall emphasis on the development of reliable software systems. The primary emphasis of the project work is to understand and gain the knowledge of the principles of software engineering practices, so as to participate and manage a large software engineering projects in future.

IGNOU Friend provide you support for BCA and MCA Project Preparation:

  • Suitable Title Selection as per IGNOU / University norms.
  • Complete Synopsis Preparation as per IGNOU university guideline.
  • Help you for related forms & Guidance
  • Project report preparation Support
  • CD / Source Code Development Support
  • Viva Preparation Support

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