Ignou master of Arts in Economics

Master of Arts Economics MEC IGNOU

The Programme offers an opportunity to learners for higher studies in Economics. Besides offering the core courses available in other universities, it includes themes in some of the emerging areas in economics such as insurance and finance that are expected to be extremely useful in the present scenario of economic liberalization and globalization. Some of the courses require an understanding of mathematical applications, particularly calculus and linear algebra. Students are expected to be conversant with basic mathematics covered at +2 level. The Programme comprises 66 Credits covered through 11 Courses, 9 compulsory and 2 optional. All the courses
covered in the first year are compulsory. In the second year, the first four courses given in the list below (MEC6, MEC7, MEC108 and MEC109) are Compulsory while rest are optional.

IGNOU MEC Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from a recognized University.
Medium of Instruction: English & Hindi
IGNOU MEC Duration: Minimum 2 years and Maximum 5 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.
IGNOU MEC Fee Structure: Rs. 16000/- for full programme to be paid year wise @Rs. 8000/- per year
Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits Download
I Year
MEC 101 Microeconomic Analysis 6
MEC 2 Macroeconomic Analysis 6
MEC 103 Quantitative Methods 6
MEC 4 Economics of Growth and Development 6
MEC 105 Indian Economic Policy 6
II Year
Compulsory Courses
MEC 6 Public Economics 6
MEC 7 International Trade and Finance 6
MEC 108 Economics of Social Sector and Environment 6
MEC 109 Research Methods in Economics 6
Optional Courses (Choose 12 credits only)
MECE 1 Econometric Methods 6
MECE 3 Actuarial Economics: Theory and Practice 6
MECE 4 Financial Institutions and Markets 6
MECP 101 Project Work 6
MWG 11 Women in the Economy 8
MGSE 9 Gender Issues in Work
Employment and Productivity
MEDSE 46 Development Issues and Perspectives 6
Total Credits 66

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