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Master of Arts in Psychology MAPC IGNOU

The aim of the programme is to provide learners with a sound base in psychology and human behaviour through a depth investigation into a broad range of psychological principles, techniques and skills, as applied to diverse
settings. In the present scenario, psychologists are in great demand ranging from educational institutions, rehabilitation centres, hospitals to various organizations and industries, both in the public and private sector. Psychology is also being applied to various new and emerging areas like sports, forensic, military, police, aviation, etc.
Keeping the above in view and the commitment of IGNOU to provide quality education at low costs to those who have for some reason or the other missed opportunities for further studies, the present programme caters to varied clientele, such as fresh graduate students as well as those who want to enter the employment arena and those already employed but do not possess the necessary qualification in Psychology.
IGNOU MAPC Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree in any subject from a recognized University.
Medium of Instruction: English
IGNOU MAPC Duration: Minimum 2 years and Maximum 5 years; offered in both January & July cycle of admissions.
IGNOU MAPC Fee Structure: Rs. 18000/- for the full programme to be paid year wise @Rs. 9000/- per year
Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits Download
I Year
MPC 1 Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory 4
MPC 2 Life Span Psychology 4
MPC 3 Personality: Theories and Assessment 4
MPC 4 Advanced Social Psychology 4
MPC 5 Research Methods in Psychology 4
MPC 6 Statistics in Psychology 4
MPCL 7 Practicum in Experimental Psychology & Psychological Testing 8
II Year (choose any one group)
Group A: Clinical Psychology
MPCE 11 Psychopathology 4
MPCE 12 Psychodiagnostics 4
MPCE 13 Psychotherapeutic methods 4
MPCE 14 Practicum in Clinical Psychology 6
MPCE 15 Internship 8
MPCE 16 Project 6
Group B: Counselling Psychology
MPCE 21 Counselling Psychology 4
MPCE 22 Assessment in Counselling and Guidance 4
MPCE 23 Interventions in Counselling 4
MPCE 24 Practicum in Counselling Psychology 6
MPCE 25 Internship 8
MPCE 26 Project 6
Group C: Industrial and Organizational Psychology
MPCE 31 Organisational Behaviour 4
MPCE 32 Human Resource Development 4
MPCE 33 Organisational Development 4
MPCE 34 Practicum in Industrial and Organisational Psychology 6
MPCE 35 Internship 8
MPCE 36 Project 6
Total Credits 64


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