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Master of Arts Women and Gender Studies MAWGS IGNOU

Women’s & Gender Studies are emerging and growing areas of academic inquiry today. The modular MAWGS programme is aimed at students with a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with an interest in this area. The programme will acquaint students with the academic area of women’s and gender studies and its history,
theoretical premises and progression to present-day status. It is expected that learners who have completed the MA programme would have a deeper understanding of formulations of empowerment. They would have been exposed to cultural, literary, political and socioeconomic dimensions within gender frameworks through either one of the two specialisations. This degree will equip students with the ability to deconstruct the complex power hierarchies and relationships operating in society, from the perspective of women and gender. Career Options Students completing the Master’s Degree will be able to pursue higher studies and research programmes, find employment with government agencies, corporate sector, advocacy assignments through national and international non-profit organizations, pursue careers in teaching, writing, editing, mass media or opt for other appropriate
career options. Modular Structure and Specializations This is a 66 credit two-year programme. The first year consists of the core, foundational courses which will equip
learners with an analytical and critical understanding of theoretical and conceptual issues related to women’s and gender studies in an interdisciplinary context. Due to the progressive nature of the programme, students are required to complete the core foundation courses to be offered sequentially in semester 1 and semester 2 before
proceeding further. Learners who successfully complete the requirements of the 34 credit first-year curriculum (32 credits of coursework + 2 credits for Project Work) may exit with P.G.Diploma in Women’s & Gender Studies. Thus, learners may exit at this point or continue for the 2nd year to earn the MA degree in Women’s & Gender
Studies. After completion of the first year curriculum, learners may choose one of two specializations namely, “Gender, Literature & Culture” or “Women’s Studies”. The courses offered in the third and fourth semesters will be specific to the individual specializations. The specialization in “Gender, Literature and Culture” will enable students to familiarize themselves with salient topics in the humanities from the perspective of gender. Courses in third and fourth semesters will enhance their critical understanding of important issues such as marginalized cultural spaces, the relationship between gender and the nation, gender and discourse (especially literary), and the mutually constructive relationships between literature, culture, and society. The specialization in “Women’s Studies” will expose students to multidisciplinary approaches to addressing historical and contemporary women’s issues. It will equip the students in conceptualizing and developing the analytical skills required to understand women’s issues through theory, praxis, research, and practicum.
IGNOU MAWGS Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree from any recognized University/Institute
Medium of Instruction: English
IGNOU MAWGS Duration: Minimum 2 years and Maximum 5 years; offered only in July cycle of admissions.
IGNOU MAWGS Fee Structure: Rs. 13000/- for the full programme. The fee must be paid year wise-Rs. 6,500/- for 1st year (for Semester 1 & 2) at the time of taking admission to the Programme and Rs. 6,500/- for 2nd year (for semesters 3 & 4) at the time of taking admission to 2nd year through Re-registration.
Programme Details:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits Download
I Year
Semester I
MWG 1 Theories of Women and Gender Studies 8
MWG 2 Gender and Power 8
Semester II
MWG 3 Constructing Gender through Arts & Media 8
MWG 4 Gendered Bodies & Sexualities 8
MWGP 1 Project Work* 2
II year
Specialization : Gender, Literature, Culture
Semester III
MWG 5 Research Methods (Common course for both specializations) 8
MWG 6 Gendered Nation 8
Semester IV
MWG 7 Postmodernism & Gender 8
MWG 8 Gender & Life Narratives 8
Specialization: Women’s Studies
Semester III
MWG 5 Research Methods (Common course for both specializations) 8
MWG 9 Women & Social Structure 8
Semester IV
MWG 10 Women & Political Process 8
MWG 11 Women in the Economy 8
Total Credits 66

* Learners will have an option between a one-month internship with an NGO/ other approved organization OR a Research Project depending on their individual interest/ preparation and employment circumstances.Programme Coordinators: Prof. Anu Aneja, [email protected] Tel. : 011-29571620

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