Master of Science Mathematics with Applications in Computer Science ignou detail

Master of Science in Mathematics with Application in Computer Science MSCMACS IGNOU

This programme has the following broad objectives:
 to emphasize the relevance and usefulness of mathematics from an application point of view;
 to equip the learners with the core mathematical knowledge and training necessary for use in many application areas;
 to expose the learner to real-life problems and promote the use of mathematics in industry and applied sciences;

 to develop a workforce that is equipped with the mathematical skills that are necessary for changing the industrial and economic scenario of the country;
 to develop human resource in emerging disciplines such as Mathematical Biology, Computational Mathematics, Mathematical Economics, etc.;
 to promote collaborative research with industry and other user agencies.
IGNOU MSCMACS Eligibility:
 Graduate with a Major, or Honours in Mathematics with at least 50% marks in aggregate.
If the seats at a centre remain vacant then:
Graduate with a BA/B.Sc. degree with Mathematics as one of the three main subjects with equal weightage, having atleast 50% in aggregate and 55% in aggregate in the Mathematics courses will be considered for admission.
Medium of Instruction: English
IGNOU MSCMACS Duration: Minimum 2 years and Maximum 4 years; offered only in January cycle of admissions.
IGNOU MSCMACS Fee Structure: Rs. 26,400/- for full programme to be paid semester wise @Rs. 6,600/- per semester
IGNOU MSCMACS Admission Procedure
Admission to the programme is based on merit. Fee has to be paid after admission to the programmes and only registration fee of Rs. 400/- has to be paid with application form.
Core Courses
The core courses are designed to provide mathematical knowledge and techniques, necessary for use in many application areas. These core courses which you will be studying during the first two semesters of your studies, will prepare you well to study the courses offered during the third and the fourth semesters.
Elective Courses
The elective courses will expose you to the applications of mathematics in the area of computer sciences.
Project work is compulsory for all of you. It aims to provide hands on work experience in some Industry/ Organizations/R&D establishment/Institution. The project guide will give you all the details related to the project work.
Most of the courses of the programme have computer practical component. Practicals session will be held at the programme centres. Attending and completing the practical sessions is compulsory for each student. The total number of practical sessions per semester ranges from 11 to 36. The sessions are spread over the entire
semester. In order to be eligible for attending the Term-end-Examination of the practicals in a course, the student has to complete at least 70% of the practical sessions prescribed for the course.
Scheme of Study
In order to enable you to complete your M.Sc (MACS) programme within the minimum period of two years, you will have to take 16 credits worth of courses in each of the four semesters. Registration for the programme is semester-wise. After the first/second/third semester, irrespective of whether you pass or not in all the courses of a semester, you have to register for the second/ third/fourth-semester courses respectively, by submitting the Course Registration Form with the requisite programme fee. The candidates of MSCMACS should select the programme centre from the list given below:

Programme Details:

The semester-wise details of the courses of M.Sc (MACS) programme are as follows:

Course Code Title of the Course Credits Download
I Semester
MMT 1 Programming & Data Structures 4
MMT 2 Linear Algebra 2
MMT 4 Real Analysis 4
MMT 5 Complex Analysis 2
MMT 7 Differential Equations and Numerical Solutions 4
II Semester
MMT 3 Algebra 4
MMT 6 Functional Analysis 4
MMT 8 Probability and Statistics 8
III Semester
MMT 9 Mathematical Modelling 2
MMTE 1 Graph Theory 4
MMTE 2 Design & Analysis of Algorithms 4
MMTE 3 Pattern Recognition & Image Processi 4
MMTE 4 Computer Graphics 2
IV Semester
MMTE 5 Coding Theory 4
MMTE 6 Cryptography 4
MMTE 7 Soft Computing & Applications 4
MMTP 1 Project (Compulsory) 4
Total Credits 64

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