Ignou Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing

Post Graduate Diploma in Book Publishing PGDBP

The PG Diploma in Book Publishing is meant to provide an opportunity for : Self-employment to aspiring/practising publishing professionals OR Skill-up-gradation/skill-acquisition in the various aspects of publishing OR Training aspiring publishing professionals in marketable skills in the various areas of publishing, including specialized editing, copyediting and proofreading, marketing, distribution, sales etc. The unique aspect of the programme is the month-long training/apprenticeship at a publishing house and the possibility of employment thereafter.

Eligibility : Bachelor Degree + knowledge of English & knowledge of word processing

Medium of Instruction: English

Duration: Minimum 1 year and Maximum 4 years; offered only in July cycle of admissions.

Fee Structure: Rs.8,000/- for full programme

Programme Details:
This programme has eight courses, of which Courses 1-4 are compulsory and courses 5-7 are electives (learners to choose any two). Course 8 is a compulsory course where learners would be attached to a publishing house and do a project for which they would be evaluated.

Course Code Title of the Course Credits Download
Compulsory Courses
MBP 1 Introduction to Publishing and its Legal Aspects 4
MBP 2 Editing and Pre-Press 4
MBP 3 Production and Emerging Technologies 4
MBP 4 Marketing, Promotion and Distribution of Books 4
MBP 8 Apprenticeship/Training 4
Elective Courses (Choose any two)
MBP 5 Editing Books for Children 4
MBP 6 Editing Scientific, Technical and Medical Books 4
MBP 7 Editing Textbooks 4
Total Credits 32


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